After reading reviews we decided to go with Dany and his company. We were so glad we did! We did three full day touring service in Rome Naples and Tuscany of 3 different cities. Each tour guide was great. Because we don’t drink we told Dany from the start no winery’s, he told us his suggestions and we emailed back and forth finalizing our plans. We never would have been able to get as much done in a day by ourselves or with a big tour group. All 3 tour guides listened to our needs. They helped us find excellent places to eat, told us about the area as we drove, and were all so kind. When you left you felt like you were saying goodbye to a friend.
They started by picking us up at our port each day in a nice Mercedes van. There were six of us so the van was much appreciated. One day our ship docked late but Dany said not to worry his drivers would wait.
On 2 days we also got private tour guides, 1 for Pompeii and one for The Vatican City. They arranged this for us also and the guides would be waiting for us and were also great.
The other great thing was this was actually cheaper than it would have been for us to do tours with our cruise ship. Honestly though it was such a great tour I would do it again even if it did cost more. The convenience of being picked up and not having to follow a big group alone is worth it. Plus all the restaurant recommendations were amazing. Touring with locals is so nice! And they were all beyond nice. My son was sad that we didn’t get to do tours with them in every city. My only wish is that they did do tours more places! If you book with them you will never regret it.