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Cooking classes

Cooking classes

 Cooking classes

If you love the Italian cuisine but you want to enter its secrets more deeply, or if you want to be able to prepare some of your favorite dishes with your hands we can offer you an uforgettable and very enjoyable experience!

Tuscan Heart will take you for a day to some of the best cooking schools in Tuscany. No matter where you’re coming from, we can plan a full-day experience in advance, so you will learn some of the Italian cooks’ secrets, learn the true Tuscan traditions, have real fun and, of course, eat deliciously!

A journey in yesterday and today’s Tuscany throughout memories and reality. They will tell food stories around a stove and around the table… the history of the countryside, of wine, of olive oil, of art, of porcelain, of glass blowing, of wood carving: the history of Tuscany.

And if not everyone in the family wants to become a skilled cook, this schools, located inside beautiful villas, can also offer a really restoring day within the Tuscan nature… and funny, with swimming pools, the warmth of a sunny day andlovely strolls into the Tuscan landscapes.

Each suggested tour or excursion you can view on this website is only a suggestion based on previous requests by our clients.


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